Gosh, I Have Moss (love it or delete it)


Are you bothered by moss in your lawn?  According to this veteran lawn specialist, moss is a rootless, ancient, primitive plant that is not controlled by typical weed-sprays, nor by applying lime.  It grows in sun and shade and everything in-between.  In the Northeast USA, Pacific Northwest, Canada, Iceland and Scandinavia some homeowners with large […]

6 Ways to Help Mother Earth in Your Yard

Would you like to improve your yard’s contribution to helping birds, wildlife, pollinators and the planet?  Here are a few steps you could take to help nature in your yard in 2023. 1……….Plant native plants and flowers Native plants improve water quality, provide habitat, reduce streambank erosion and can improve property values.  Native plants attract […]

Mulch Measures

Warmer weather gets us back out into our gardens, but being overenthusiastic can lead to some gardening “don’ts”, often this applies when putting out fresh mulch. It is always useful to review the “Do’s and Don’ts” of mulch usage at the beginning of the season. The 2 major rules of thumb when it comes to applying mulch […]