YOUR lawn...

is there room for improvement? Let's Get Started!

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is there room for improvement?

Date: ___________________
Customer Name: ________________________
Address: ____________________


Phone: ________________________
Email: ________________________
Budget & Deadline: ________________________
Phase 1: ________________________
Phase 2: ________________________

Do you envision any of these? (Circle & add any notes)

a. Tame my existing landscaping (prune / remove plants, clean up beds, add order, invasive plants)
b. Prioritize these: Front yard . . . Back yard . . . Other: __________

c. Enhance & improve the design mainly by . . . (See IDEAS below at ‘j’. Add more on separate sheet.)



d. Have a site plan, blueprint, diagram? Would you quickly draw a simple bubble diagram with labels?
e. Do any work yourself? Clean-up • Remove plants • Mulch plants • Add edging
f. Okay to change shape of landscape beds? Comment: __________________________________
g. Sprinkler system (have diagram?) Buried utilities? Dogs • Cats Other:_____________
h. Upkeep concerns: Low maintenance Medium maintenance
i. Your site conditions: Shady / sunny / both • Dry / well-drained / moist / standing water possible
j. IDEAS (circle): Front yard • Entryway Welcoming • Screening • Privacy • Children • Pets
Evergreens (winter appeal) Shrubs (flowering?) Flowering perennials • Ornamental grasses • Spreading groundcover plants • Dwarf or low trees • Shade trees • Favorite colors ________________ Colors to avoid ________________
k.Unique plants or special requests (e.g. Flowering Hydrangeas, shrubs with berries, deer / rabbit proof)
l. Focal points – planted container obelisk birdbath garden art statues trellis topiary plants accent rocks
m. High color impact – (annual flowers, bright foliage) • Modern Look (grasses, clean lines) • Formal Structure
Informal Structure • Combination to match site & vantage points
n. Plenty of plants (high density) Simple & spaced apart (emphasize more mulch or groundcover plants)