YOUR landscape...

is there room for improvement? Let's Get Started!

* Thinking, thinking…

The key to successful landscape planning is to start thinking about what you want to accomplish with alterations in or redesign of your current landscape, especially the plantings.

* Spell out and sketch some ideas for Greener Earth….
Do your own survey of the current landscape and list the things you feel are needed to achieve your goals, ideally after completing some choices in the outline below. Why not quickly draw a simple diagram of what you envision with labeled “bubbles” and boxes to help us envision your ideas. We may add ideas reflecting decades of experience.. That leads to our designing and installing the best landscape to complement your home or workplace.

* The sooner that you’re thinking and sketching, the better the end result will be. It’s like hatching an egg!

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is there room for improvement?

Date: ___________________
Customer Name: ________________________
Address: ____________________


Phone: ________________________
Email: ________________________
Budget & Deadline: ________________________
Phase 1: ________________________
Phase 2: ________________________

Do you envision any of these? (Circle & add any notes)

a. Tame my existing landscaping (prune / remove plants, clean up beds, add order, invasive plants)
b. Prioritize these: Front yard . . . Back yard . . . Other: __________

c. Enhance & improve the design mainly by . . . (See IDEAS below at ‘j’. Add more on separate sheet.)



d. Have a site plan, blueprint, diagram? Would you quickly draw a simple bubble diagram with labels?
e. Do any work yourself? Clean-up • Remove plants • Mulch plants • Add edging
f. Okay to change shape of landscape beds? Comment: __________________________________
g. Sprinkler system (have diagram?) Buried utilities? Dogs • Cats Other:_____________
h. Upkeep concerns: Low maintenance Medium maintenance
i. Your site conditions: Shady / sunny / both • Dry / well-drained / moist / standing water possible
j. IDEAS (circle): Front yard • Entryway Welcoming • Screening • Privacy • Children • Pets
Evergreens (winter appeal) Shrubs (flowering?) Flowering perennials • Ornamental grasses • Spreading groundcover plants • Dwarf or low trees • Shade trees • Favorite colors ________________ Colors to avoid ________________
k.Unique plants or special requests (e.g. Flowering Hydrangeas, shrubs with berries, deer / rabbit proof)
l. Focal points – planted container obelisk birdbath garden art statues trellis topiary plants accent rocks
m. High color impact – (annual flowers, bright foliage) • Modern Look (grasses, clean lines) • Formal Structure
Informal Structure • Combination to match site & vantage points
n. Plenty of plants (high density) Simple & spaced apart (emphasize more mulch or groundcover plants)