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Two balanced organic-based feedings to improve color & as the season progresses — to improve your lawn’s thickness. It’s the best defensive action against weeds & damaging insects. May include crabgrass pre-emergent/preventer. Plus helpful recommendations.

SPRING #1: ___________________
SPRING #2:____________________

summer LAWN

Two balanced feedings to prevent thinning out & to defend against stress from heat, damaging insects & fungus diseases. Controls applied for heat-loving weeds. So let’s “partner up” & face the usual summer heat and dry spells. I’ll included special tips for your lawn’s conditions!

SUMMER #1: ___________________
SUMMER #2:____________________

FALL LAWN Remember, we return automatically next spring!

Two balanced feedings to keep building “better legs” (deeper roots) until the ground freezes. Golf course pros know these are the most crucial feedings for turfgrass. According to MSU, fall is even more effective than spring in controlling weeds to assure “Weed No-Shows” next spring.

FALL #1: ___________________
FALL #2:____________________

lawn core aeration

Did you know golf courses aerate 2+ times annually? We recommend this annual remedy.
Benefits: better uptake of water & fertilizer. Stronger roots. Reduced thatch & soil compaction!

CORE AERATION:__________________________________
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