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Mother Nature Is Our Ally

Ask about our organic-based lawn care treatments in Grand Rapids, MI.

When your lawn looks dull, the last thing it needs is a harsh chemical treatment. Your lawn needs organic-based lawn care to recover and flourish. You can rely on Greener Earth Organic Lawncare & Landscaping for gentle, natural lawn care treatments in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our team can:

Complete an organic-based fertilization treatment for your lawn
Use bio-enhanced products to rejuvenate soil damaged by harsh treatments
Rid your lawn of pests without causing damage to your plants

Apply organic-based fertilizer to your lawn for great green-up and thickening.

Control weeds and lawn-damaging insects …and select safer products to apply IF and WHEREVER NEEDED.

Include bio-enhance products to feed both grass and soils often damaged by past treatments.

Landscaping and Gardens: See Below

We can provide the organic-based lawn care that your grass needs to look its best yet. Contact us now to arrange for lawn care services.

Find out about our other lawn and landscape services

You can count on us for more than just organic-based lawn care. Our services include:

Lawn aeration services, to break up thatch and compacted soil. You can also choose our
Reseeding services, to add new, healthy grass to your lawn.
Landscape design services, to help you create a look you love
Landscape installation services, to add new features to your property or replace damaged ones
Garden renovation services, to revitalize your garden or correct the work of a previous landscaper

Contact us today to take advantage of our comprehensive services.


Why choose Greener Earth?

Greener Earth Organic Lawncare & Landscaping has been making landscapes flourish since 2001. With our organic-based lawn services, we’re the lawn care and landscaping company for you Reach out to us today!