6 Do’s & Dont’s of Essential Lawn Care Tips

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After being in business since 2001 I’ve learned a few things.  Mostly, that lawn care is a partnership.  Let’s look at the 6 Do’s & Don’ts of essential lawn care tips.


  • Crop closely – like a golf course
  • Water a little – wet the surface once per day
  • Go dormant – not watering at all during the summer, letting the yard go brown
  • Let lawn compact – keep out water and air
  • Focus on chemistry – use quick release chemical fertilizer
  • Grow lawn in shade


  • Mow high – 2.5 to 3 inches
  • Water deeply – an inch of water 1-2 times/week
  • Water in summer – keep watering at least occasionally, to keep lawn alive
  • Aerate & oversees – annually is a good frequency
  • Focus on biology – use an organic slow-release fertilizer
  • Grow lawn in sun

If you’re ready to focus on the Do’s vs Don’ts, let Greener Earth Organic Lawncare help you get started with the essential lawn care tips.  You can connect with us to get started now.

We helped Ashlee with her yard.

Mike at Greener Earth is fantastic. He started out doing the weed & feed on our lawn and we received many compliments from neighbors and passersby that the lawn looks its best in years. In fact, there is an area of the lawn we did not assign to him and the difference between that area and the area he is caring for his remarkable. Mike is also helping me “restore” an area of prior landscaping that has been completely taken over by invasive weeds and he has been extremely conscientious about getting it done right, even coming by just to check on the progress in between treatments. He has advised on areas of the property we can “spruce up” and make beautiful and has endless knowledge about local perennials and shrubs that would survive well in each zone of the property. And as his name suggests, he tries to do his work with a high concern for the environment as well. I would highly recommend Greener Earth for many landscaping needs.

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